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Vintage American collectables, memorabilia and accessories including US mint, handcrafted leather items, pocket watches, belt buckles, metal signs, badges and much much more...

VGP Western Events


7th to 9th June 2024

Black Powder DM

14th to 16th  June 2024

Truckstop Festival

20th to 22nd June 2024

US Car Camp

22nd to 27th July 2024

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Summer Events

We hope that you are enjoying the webshop, exploring the categories, experiencing new products and perhaps placing your first order. We recommend checking out our favorites further down this page.

Summer events start this weekend at the Old Service Station in Rold. We look forward to sharing new products at Rock N Rold, Truckstop Festival, US Car Camp  and many more Summer Events. Find out more in the Event Boxes on this page.

If you are yet to see it, we recommend watching Bubber & Raketten on DK4. We are proud to feature on the last episode.

Tony og Sally

Hand-crafted leather items.
Tailored for you!

From holsters to belts and bags,
we have so much to choose from...

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